Barbecue (Korean)/Tokyo @ Jojoen

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DELICIOUS salad. Trust me, the dressing is sick.

wagyu beef tongue. mooooo

marinated wagyu beef

lovely almond dessert

I know what you’re thinking, “why go all the way to Tokyo to have Korean barebecue?!”  Well, because the Japanese always do everything better.  Amazing wagyu beef bbq. They’re also famous for the salad dressing on the salad.  I think you can buy the dressing, if so, bring me some too.


  • wagyu marinated beef
  • beef tongue (I know, it took me 25 years to warm up to tongue)
  • just order a set (point at the pictures in the menu)


  • If you feel like spending about 100-200ish per person on a second meal, then this is def #2 to hit.  #1 is sukiyaki

Address:  This site is in Japanese, but it might help you. Just google maps the Jojoen closest to you when you’re in Tokyo.

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