Beef Bowl @ Yoshinoya

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I'm so annoyed this is the only picture I can find of the beef bowl. I took some really good photos, but have no idea where I put them. grr.

Don’t you laugh or hesitate for one second.  Yoshinoya in the U.S. is not Yoshinoya in Japan.  They should really rebrand the one in the U.S. as something lesser because it does not do the original restaurant justice..not one iota.  If you want juicy beef, perfectly cooked juicy rice, and clean ginger & red seasoning, try it once.  Please, you’ll thank me many times over.  How about this, first try a beef bowl in the U.S. just before you go to Tokyo.


  • largest f*ing beef bowl with kimchi side dishes and miso soup if you’re like me; otherwise, just the beef bowl


  • I’m a sloppy American, so I like to put soy sauce in my rice.  Just a bit. Add a little ginger and sprinkle the red seasoning (furikake?) and you’re golden.

Company:  Yoshinoya
Hours: many are 24 hours

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