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Hiyashi Hokkyoku Ramen

I was hesitant to put this on the website for one reason–I’m not sure whether I crave this ramen for a sadistic purpose or because I really think it’s so delicious.  I think its both.  However, the second time I went here, I vowed I’d never return after feeling like I burned a hole through my belly.  One thing is for sure.. the noodles are damn good.  Beware, spicy.


  • Hiyashi Hokkyoku Ramen (Cold Extra Spicy Ramen)–I recommend just getting the ramen with the spicy dipping sauce.   This is the spiciest one, but it’s not all that scary if you have a high tolerance for spice like moi.  I don’t remember if they have a picture of it on the vending machine, so show the picture above to a chef so he can help you select the appropriate ramen.

Company:  Nakamoto
Address: This link gives great directions

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