Sukiyaki or Shabu-Shabu/Tokyo @ Zakuro

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The waiter begins by showing you the wagyu goods

Shabu-Shabu option

Wagyu sliced for sukiyaki and a nice wad of butter atop the meat for cooking

The sukiyaki raw ingredients

Cooked product in raw egg

Shabu shabu pot

More sukiyaki

Another view of sukiyaki

Amazing AMAZING sukiyaki AND shabu shabu.  This place is absolutely worth every cent.


  • wagyu beef set for sukiyaki and/or shabu-shabu (depending on your mood. Hopefully you have 4 people or more in your group so you can try both methods of cooking.  Both are sick.


  • OK, you spend at least $200/person for wagyu beef sukiyaki.  If you have one night that you just want to experience true bliss but have to pay for it, this is the place to go. The lovely waitresses do everything for you.  You just need to figure out how to bring the food into your mouth.
  • Don’t get freaked out by the raw egg. My friends and I had sukiyaki about 3 times each and came out alive.

If you’re not convinced yet, check out this video I recorded of our waitress preparing our sukiyaki:


Company: Zakuro
Address: As for the address, my friend gave me the coordinates: 35.669367,139.74402 (plug into google maps) or Nihon Jitensha Kaikan B1F, 1-9-15 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan
+81 3-3582-2661
Hours:  TBD


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