What this website is:

  • This website is for you to find the restaurants that make the best (insert dish here), or that I find very craveable for one reason or another.  Categorized by city.  There’s a lot of good food out there, but few oh-my-god, I-must-have-NOW foods.  Restaurants listed on this site are ones that make specific dishes that i consider are the best in each city, until I have better.
  • I’m often asked for food recommendations, so instead of re-writing a list of restaurants & attaching pictures to e-mails every time someone asks, I thought I’d make it easier on everyone (me).  
  • If you share my palate, then you’ll like everything I recommend.  
  • I think it makes more sense to categorize food recommendations by the food type you’re craving.  Are you feeling noodlely?
  • This is an ever organically growing site.  I’ll notify updates via twitter. 
What this website isn’t:
  • I’m not a “foodie,” because that word is synonymous with snooty-annoying-trying-to-be famous food critic. I only criticize foods privately.
  • I loathe those irresponsible review sites that hurt all those businesses, especially moms n’ pops restaurants built from sheer passion–the bread and butter of their lives.  Everyone has different tastes in food, so it’s unfair to judge a restaurant by taste; rather, it should be judged by customer service, which would be more appropriate.  OR, wouldn’t it be more advantageous to find a list of the best restaurants rather one that includes poorly rated ones?  Taste is so subjective.
  • This isn’t a site for negativity.
Me & Food:
  • Since I can remember, I’ve taken more food pictures during my travels than ones of historical monuments, family, friends, or my face.  I tend to recollect memories much better when I associate them with the food that I ate at the time.
  • My happiest moments are shared over food, especially with the love of me life.
  • I’m super tactile, so not only flavor, but texture, shape, and movement all contribute to the maximum release of endorphins in my brain, which makes me very happy.  “They” say that a good meal may equate to a good round of love-making. And I think, they’re right.
  • When I’m happy, I like to share it with anyone who’s willing to listen.
Do you know the best restaurant for “fill-in-the-blank?”:
E-mail me @ info@ucookieat.com
Thank you to everyone who has contributed directly or indirectly to my list of food cravings.


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